Inspired by a BBC programme ‘How to Stay Young’ (broadcast 7th April 2016), ‘Let’s Dance’ is a non-profit making club. Our purpose is to provide people with the opportunity to dance at their own pace, in a way that improves health, flexibility, vitality and movement over time.  Just as importantly we aim to provide a fun social occasion for all members on a regular basis, thereby improving personal happiness levels. Let’s Dance is suitable for any adult who can achieve moderate exercise without causing pain or damage to him or herself. Previous dancing experience is not needed at all. Any age over 18 years would be welcome, although the ethos of Let’s Dance is to have a pace and music choices particularly suitable for people of more mature years. The right music is vital to maintaining momentum and creating an energizing, enjoyable atmosphere and, to further enhance the experience, the members will be choosing the music. Laughter and socialising play a major factor in wellbeing and ‘Let’s Dance’ will include the opportunity to move together, talk together and learn together about topics related to keeping young no matter what your age.


We have a Committee made up of like-minded people who felt in need of a way to stay fit, whilst enjoying a social environment in the company of others, based on the group shown in the How to Stay Young programme.  Following the initial meeting, the Committee organised the hire of two local halls, one in Horley where our daytime session is held once a week and one in Redhill, where our evening session is held once a week.  Our dance instructor was recommended to us through a member of the Reigate School of Dance and her enthusiasm and dedication to the group has been of great benefit.

People who, through Streetlife, had registered interest in such a group, were then invited to come along on either (or both) session(s).  Since our first meeting in April 2016 and the official launches of the group, we have steadily risen in numbers and at the end of October 2016 we had 78 Members.  Whilst the majority of our Members are women, we actively encourage men to join and enjoy our sessions

Our Committee consists:

Sharon Baker, Chair

Deborah Mechaneck, Treasurer

Pat Linsdell

Chris Deakin

Dee Cox

Carol Ledger

Jean Walton

Linda Yates

Mags Cockshull

Jennifer Kirby

Christine Leach

Vanessa Rigby


Our Dance Instructor

Our Dance Instructor is Kelly Trout and below is a short precis of Kelly’s background in dance:

Kelly grew up in Nottingham where she trained at the Rollo Academy of Dance from the age of 5 yrs.  At 16 yrs she continued her training in Essex at Performers College where she graduated with a diploma in Musical Theatre.  

Kelly started her career on cruise ships, performing and getting to see the world.  Her first musical debut was in Hamburg, where she lived for 4 years, performing in ‘Dance of the Vampires’; ‘Mamma Mia’ and ‘Dirty Dancing’.  Kelly continued to perform in ‘Mamma Mia’ but this time with the International Tour where she was lucky enough to continue her travels, becoming Dance Captain.

Kelly recently finished performing in the West End show ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’  and now, having had such amazing travel experiences and teaching in many different countries, Kelly is thrilled to be passing on some of what she has learnt along the way.


Kelly, our Dance Instructor

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