Q Are there any other venues, apart from Horley and Redhill?
A From 3rd June 2019 there will be extra sessions on a Monday evening, from 6.45 to 8 pm at St. Mary's Hall, Chart Lane, Reigate RH2 7RN.  The session charges for this venue are £6 per session owing to the higher cost of hall hire.

Q If I decide, after a few sessions, that it is not for me or if I can no longer attend sessions, will I get any of my Membership fee back?
A The annual Membership fee of £10 is non-refundable;  this is why the fee is not payable until after a ‘taster’ session so that people can experience the type of thing we do and decide whether they wish to attend on a regular basis.

Q Can I bring a friend / relative with me to a session?
A Yes, we welcome friends and relatives of members to come along to try a session and they are only required to pay the £5 session fee (or £6 at Reigate).  Obviously if they then wish to attend on a regular basis, they will be required to pay the annual Membership fee.

Q Can I wear what I like? 
A Yes, you can wear what you like as long as it is comfortable and doesn’t inhibit movement.  The most suitable footwear is trainers or similar.

Q Can I attend sessions at all of the venues ?
A Yes, your Membership fee of £10 pa entitles you to attend all

Q If I feel a particular dance / movement is too fast for me or I am out of breath can I stop?
A Yes, we encourage people to ‘sit out’ at any time they feel they need to;  you should only continue when you feel you are able

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