Christmas Party 2017

Our second successful and highly enjoyable Christmas Party was held on 9th December at St. Josephs, Redhill.  We hope that all those who attended will agree that the buffet provided a variety and quality of food to ensure that everyone was catered for and the music got everyone up on their feet dancing.  We are also pleased that sale of the raffle tickets raised £321 which we were delighted to be able to donate to Dementia 1st and the link to their letter of appreciation is below.

DF Letter from Carole thankyou for fundraising1.pdf


Our first Let's Dance Melange Quiz Night, held at St. Joseph's PNL Centre, Redhill on 28th October, was a huge success and a great addition to our expanding programme of fun social activities.

Soft drinks and nibbles were provided to get the evening started and guests also brought their own choice of beverage (some of us didn't hold back !)  The atmosphere was buzzing with 76 enthusiastic quizzers, and Mike Fortune skilfully conducted proceedings as Quiz Master.

To kick us off, the 12 teams were asked to give themselves a name - we had Dirty Dancers, Lindy Hoppers, Legs 11, amongst others (spot a theme ?)  We were very pleased that a great team from Dementia First, Bletchingley, were able to join us.  Teams then chose a 'Joker' category for a chance to gain bonus points.

The competition began ...  there was plenty of conferring (and possibly some eavesdropping and lip-reading !)  Mike did a great job of keeping the grey matter working with well-tailored questions on a variety of subjects, including Food & Drink, Cats & Dogs, History, Music and, of course, Dance.

During the interval we had a picture round to solve while we enjoyed delicious authentic paella provided by local catering company, Paella Fella.  Paella proved to be very popular indeed and some people could not resist returning for third and even fourth helpings !  Thankfully Paella Fella are very generous with their portions !

The second half saw teams become increasingly competitive (possibly aided by a good supply of liquid refreshment !)  Teams marked each other's sheets and the scores were totted up.

The winning team was announced:  *Lindy Hoppers* - team members were each awarded a 1st place medal, chocolates and, best of all, a ticket to a free Let's Dance Melange dance session !

Not to be forgotten - the team that achieved the lowest score was *The Troublemakers* - team members enjoyed their booby prize of party bubbles !

At the end of a very enjoyable evening, Let's Dance Melange, together with our Quiz Master, Mike Fortune, were very pleased to donate £70 to our nominated charity, Dementia First ( ).  Dementia First representative, Claire Robertson, accepted the donation on behalf of the charity and described the hugely important work the charity does in providing care and support to people with dementia, as well as their families and carers.  We are pleased to support such an incredible organisation.

Our thanks go to Mike Fortune for providing us with an excellent Quiz and we appreciate his significant contribution to a very successful evening.

We would like to thank Paella Fella ( ) for their valuable contribution to our event.  They are a successful local company who do much fund-raising themselves.  Paella Fella were very generous in donating their services free of charge and grateful thanks go to the excellent team at Paella Fella and, in particular, Nick Blythe and James Kirby for their hard work on the day.

And a final word of thanks to all the lovely volunteers who stepped in to help - great team work !

NB  A selection of pictures of the event are in our Gallery section.


Make-up Session

A talk and demonstration of make-up for mature ladies took place in the morning of Saturday, 30th September commencing at 10 am.  The talk and demonstration was given by Alison Hoyland from Style Workout

This was a much looked forward to event taking place at Horley Baptist Church hall.


Alison started her demonstration talking about style and called her talk “Never Judge a Book by its Cover” where she talked about creating the best first impression with hints and tips on being one’s “authentic self”.  With the aid of a jacket/waistcoat which had sleeves and pockets that could be removed with one rip (courtesy of Velcro) she demonstrated how different styles suit different shapes. Our style model, Sue (who is a regular Thursday dancer) had her colour spectrum chosen according to her skin tone and Alison proceeded to demonstrate the styles that suited her, along the way providing us all with ideas that we could apply to enhancing our own ‘style’.

Sue’s comment: “The recent style session made me understand why certain clothes suited me and why sometimes something looks better on the coat hanger than on me. I now know what to look for when shopping which will hopefully help me avoid buying any more expensive mistakes.”

During the coffee break Alison answered questions from several members, giving details of her workshops run for individuals and small and large groups. Check out

Coffee break over, Alison then welcomed make-up model, Sue, who had approached us requesting advice on make-up for ladies of an ‘interesting age’.  Everyone watched intently to take in as much information as possible.  Gradually we saw Sue’s features glow.

Sue’s comment: “I now know what suits me and what to buy at the make-up counter, avoiding any more expensive mistakes; I am very happy – even my husband said “that looks nice”.  My only worry is that my granddaughter is going to start ‘borrowing’ my make-up”

Alison’s comment:  I so enjoyed my time with the group and felt immediately at home and amongst friends. I think on reflection we all learned about giving and sharing to the group but most importantly about being one’s unique self and singing our individual song”.

It was a lovely morning and we all took away with us some pearls of wisdom that we can put into practice.  Thank you very much Alison.

42nd Street

Another very enjoyable theatre trip took place in the evening of Wednesday, 20th September to see 42nd Street at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.  Although Sheena Easton was not in the cast on the night, the performance was brilliant with fantastic dance routines and costumes.  Hopefully more theatre trips will be organised for the future as attendance reflects that it is a very popular event.


The first walk was organised to meet at the Dog and Duck in Outwood in June and, following the success of this, a second walk was organised to meet at the Inn on the Pond, Nutfield Marsh on Saturday, 19th August.  These walks have proved to be extremely successful and enjoyable and cost nothing unless, of course, a lunchtime refreshment is taken at the meeting place. 

The first walk of 2018 took place on Saturday, 13th January starting and ending at The Farmhouse Public House in Horley.  See pic below












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