Sessions are held each Tuesday afternoon from 1.15 to 2.45 pm at:

Horley Baptist Church, 289 Court Lodge Road, Horley, Surrey, RH6 8RG


each Thursday evening from 7.45 to 9.15 pm at:

The PNL Centre, St. Josephs Church, Ladbroke Road, Redhill,  Surrey, RH1 1LF

Please check the News and Events section for any changes to dates or forthcoming events.

The halls are bright, new and great to dance in!  

Please aim to turn up 10 minutes before session starts so that we have time to register you and collect your fee.

Comfortable clothing/footwear advised. 

Admission is £5 per session at both Horley and Redhill.  Just turn up and we will register you on arrival.  

We strongly advise you to take things at your own pace, to drink plenty of fluids, wear comfortable shoes and clothing and STOP if you are feeling unwell at all or if you are in pain.

Jugs of water and squash are provided for your refreshment during the dance session also tea and coffee on request.  In an effort to reduce our plastic use, we urge all our members to bring their own cups / bottles which can, of course, be filled with water or squash at the session.   No set charge is made for these drinks, but any donation towards the cost is appreciated.   Apart from regular dancing sessions throughout the year, we are also planning to be holding special social events and celebrations.

Membership is £10 per year and is payable after your first ‘taster’ session, i.e. when attending your second session you will be expected to pay:   £10 membership plus £5 session fee.  You can attend as many sessions in the week as you like for the £10 Membership fee.  You will also be asked to complete a Membership form which is held confidentially and only used for contact purposes and sign a Waiver form.  Membership renewals can be made by paying cash at one of the sessions during the month in which your renewal is due, or by cheque or BACS - details will be given in a renewal reminder email sent out at the beginning of the month in which the renewal is due.

Why do we have a Membership fee ? 

It enables us to get a picture of how Lets Dance is doing - it's here for all of us and we want to ensure that we've 'got it right'. Membership numbers will be one way of knowing. 

It enables us to know who our dancers are - how to contact you, what you would like to get involved in etc.

It enables us to offer you all the opportunity of turning up when you can to any of our sessions, just paying an entrance fee when you do, no payments in advance. 

The Membership income will give us a 'cushion' on those days when attendance is low and we still need to    pay for the hall and the instructor, e.g. when it's snowing!

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